Post production sound and credits music.

I provided the score for this minute-long short.

A collaboration between myself and Bertie Brosnan of Escape Thru Film.


A collaboration with director Bartholomew Brosnan. It showcases stunning aerial footage of County Kerry and spoken word from philosopher John Moriarty. I wrote and produced the music, which features gorgeous cello playing by Eimear Reidy.


A short comedy made at the Manchester Filmonik of Easter 2016. Directed by Matt Spencer and starring Monica Sagar, the music is by Myles Sketchley Mercer and myself - I wrote the first section and he did the second and final piece.


A piece for Inma Pavon's wonderful 5 Chances event at the Firkin Crane in Cork. Myself and visual artist Patricia Klich hadn't seen each others' work beforehand, but we felt the visuals and music came together so well that we put them online.


A showcase reel some of director Bartholomew Brosnan's finest work. I composed and produced the music, which features cello by Eimear Reidy.


A collection of some of Bartholomew Brosnan's work over the past few years. I composed the music, a simple piece for piano and effects.


I edited this together from footage of beautiful nature and landscape scenes. I began writing the music while travelling in South America and finished it off once I returned home.