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Like my last track, this features some found sounds I recorded during my travels last year, this time while in the city of Xela, Guatemala. The track was also started while travelling; I used a lovely little app on my tablet called Caustic which enabled me to sketch out ideas while on the move and generally keep my toe in music production.

For the video, I put together something simple on a nature/landscape theme using footage from the web, which ties in with the theme of travel and some of the beautiful places we visited. I'm a huge fan of David Attenborough and the initial idea came from the way the music and visuals come together in his shows. I also love the deliberate, meditative pace of films like Samsara and in a way this video is a tip of the hat to that style.



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My latest piece, inspired by minimalist and drone music, is now up on Soundcloud and YouTube. It features samples I recorded while travelling last year in Mexico and is the first of a series of compositions I aim to produce which include sounds from Central and South America.

The YouTube video I chose as an accompaniment is a trailer for Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece, Stalker. I didn't touch the original video; I timed the swells and flourishes in the music to coincide with dramatic moments in the film. I hope you'll agree it worked out okay.

Thanks for watching and listening!