Sister India is online

Sister India-poster-laurels.jpg

Sister India, a documentary directed by Myles O'Reilly, is now available to watch online. This was an incredibly personal project for him. Likewise, having visited India twice before, it resonated with me greatly.

Upon seeing a rough cut I was struck by the fusion of Irish and Indian musical traditions, with music from both countries co-existing in harmony. There is a wax cylinder recording of Sean-nós singing from 1905 which I actually thought was Indian at first.

The music is almost continuous throughout the film, giving it the quality of a trance or fever dream - perhaps like the state Myles found himself in during his illness.

My job as composer was to add some ambient music to sit under certain scenes. I wanted to let the existing music shine and not step on its toes. My work is a very small part of the film but I'm honoured to have been able to contribute in some way.