'Tracks and Traces' mix on Reform Radio


I put together a mix called 'Tracks and Traces', of ambient, kosmiche and minimalist sounds along with spoken word from philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan. I chose to focus on McLuhan as not only did he have some great insights into the media of his day, he was remarkably prescient and much of it could be applied to the internet age.

I'm honoured that Reform Radio broadcast the mix. They're a Manchester-based station putting out an amazing range of content by some of the finest DJs in the region. On top of that, they're a not-for-profit company that supports young adults into employment, so it's a winner all round.

Here are the links to listen back:



And the tracklist:

Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
Dieter Moebius - Hasenheide
Gary Sloan and Clone - Glacier Suite
Roedelius - Geradewohl
Global Communication - 0.54
Global Communication - 4.14
Karma - Kon Tiki
Discoverer - Personal Clone
Monoton - Drehung
Rhythim is Rhythim - Kao-tic Harmony
Carl Craig - Neurotic Behaviour
Brian Eno - Becalmed
Laurie Spiegel - Old Wave
Popul Vuh - Aguirre
Aphex Twin - Lichen